Goudy Honda Lease Loyalty Program

What is the Goudy Honda Lease Loyalty Program?

When your purchase or lease a new Honda vehicle within 30 days prior to or after your Lease turn-in date, Honda will include a $500 excessive wear-and-Use or damage waiver. Loyal Honda customers may qualify for an additional waiver and are eligible for a turn-in fee waiver. Total excessive wear-and-use or damage waiver amount cannot exceed $1,000.

The Choice is Yours

As your Honda lease comes to an end, you have important decisions to make. Goudy Honda can help you determine which lease termination option is best for you. When you reach the final six months of your lease, Goudy Honda can offer you several attractive termination options:

  • Turn in your leased Honda vehicle at the Goudy Honda Lease Return Center.
  • Buy out your lease and keep the car you currently have.
  • Trade in your leased vehicle for a new purchased or leased Honda.
  • Cash out your lease by selling your current lease to Goudy Honda.